Lead your sales team with complete visibility into all deals.

See your team performance indicators and follow your important KPI’s. Act on problems in your pitch strategy. Act faster on what works well to adopt it across the whole sales team.

Dashboard for all your sales projects and campaigns.

One of the greatest problems of sales technology products is how complicated they are to use. Not to mention the long onboarding time.

With Pitch Patterns dashboard you are spared of useless information and just shown mission critical data that drives action.

QuickvisibilityFollow your important KPIS in real time. Check all campaign statuses in easy to use dashboard for team leader.SetGoalsAn easy way to make sureeach metric is relevantin achieving goals.Find ProblemsUncover problems that can be fixed faster. Goal: 40 Goal: 5:00 146 Talking % 45% Goal: 39% 21% Sales Closed 19 Goal: 40 32 19 Avg. Talk Time 8:21 Goal: 5:00

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